Fear not! English follows after the yellow posters!
I brittiska Enfield ska fyra vägar göras cykelvänliga, på “Holländskt vis” och Londons motsvarighet till Trafikkontoret, Transport for London, har därför avsatt 30 miljoner pund för att bygga om. Det ser rasande fint ut (se bild). Läs mer i the Guardian.
Men de lokala handlarna är inte glada. Så här ser några protestlappar ut:
Vill du handla? Det går inte för DU KAN INTE PARKERA! Vill du hämta take-away? GÅR INTE UTAN BIL! Har du små barn? INTE HÄR FÖR DET GÅR INTE UTAN BIL.
We’d like to take this moment and address the businesses in Enfield from across the North Sea: FEAR NOT! You can actually drive your small children around in a bicycle! They even seem to like it. (sorry for driving on the wrong side of the road though!)

You can also shop without a car!
Stockholm is not even remotely as bike friendly as Holland, also non-bicyclists here like to point out that we got “hills” that make bicycling even harder. But you can STILL SHOP! Look at this short (45 sec) instruction video!

EDIT: Yes, parking is free. The ticket is verified by the cashier and then you just feed it back into the machine. No cost involved at all.
And when you’re at it, check out this Australian survey:

Using sidewalk interviews they found that 31% walked, 26% took public transit, 23% arrived by automobile, and 17% cycled to downtown that day. When asked about their expenditures, 74% of walkers, 68% of cyclists, 67% of bus riders and only 65% of motorists reported spending more than $100 downtown during a typical month. A survey of business managers indicates that they tend to underestimate the portion of their customers who walk, bicycle and use public transit.

People who walk and ride a bicycle spend money as well apparently. Sometimes even more.
With love from us here in Sweden!
EDIT, Also, this:
And: Rack for 20 drivers customers, or 2. Same space requirements:
2015-10-06 15.27.05
(Swedes, feel free to continue to: Är det bortkastade pengar att lägga pengar på cyklister?)